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Prometheus’ Android, David – And His Secret Back-story…..that I just made up!

ImageDavid the android activated wakefulness mode, he cleaned his teeth with a wire brush and downed a glass of motor oil to lubricate his machinery for the day ahead. Scanning the morning’s newspapers took a matter of seconds, and a look of despair dawned on his perfectly artificial face. He knew all that was going wrong in the world and part of his fake emotional complex was glad that he would soon be leaving the planet to go to work with a rag-tag bunch of scientists and engineers and glory hunters.

Part of David’s morning ritual by this time involved an intense studying of the sports of the world. Association football was his particular favourite. Studying the greats of the game became a bit of an obsession, if androids truly can have obsessions.

David’s living quarters was adorned with a huge Liverpool Football Club banner. His quarters were coloured red to match the colour of Liverpool. And he occasionally got into some bother because of this obsession.

Almost a month ago, Liverpool was playing their fierce rival, Manchester United. David decided to put his newly installed “intelligence unit no. 96” to the ultimate test. He would analyse every single facet of the upcoming game, and use his boosted intelligence to predict the final score, and make an enormous bet. He did predict the score, and he was quickly found out by an undercover “Mischievous Android Detection Officer”. Solitary confinement would have been a redundant punishment, since he is more or less immortal. So instead, he was forced to have his “intelligence unit no. 96” removed.

The day before David was all set to leave Earth for his expedition to LV-223, a secretive operative from the Weyland Corporation met with him. This operative insisted that David have his top-secret “intelligence unit” implanted back into his brain. David was reticent at first, but gave in to good manners, and also a growing form of a superiority complex in the end and had it implanted again.


David was aboard the vessel Prometheus and was getting ready for the long, long journey. But as he was helping a crew member with lifting a heavy object, he felt a spark of electricity surge from his head all the way down his titanium spinal cord and eventually into the extremities of his limbs. Interestingly, David did not think too much of this sensation and carried on with his duties. He strapped himself in for the very violent initial burst of speed needed to get out of the atmosphere. And, across his field of vision, he saw several ominous words appear. These words were “DO YOUR MISSION. LEAVE NO ONE ALIVE”.  



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