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Writer’s Block – My New Invention


Writer’s Block – a heavy block of edible matter to smash your head against when you can’t think of anything to write, patent pending

 I cannot think of a single interesting or funny thing to write about. So, I’ve taken to hitting my head with all manner of objects. Water bottles, mobile phones, pencils, fists, computer monitor, taped up repaired computer monitor etc.

Then suddenly, a thought popped into my heavily bleeding head! A Writer’s Block! A block, as of yet undecided, that struggling writers can use to nudge the ideas out from the crevices of your primate brain. We have quite large brains, and thoughts can hide themselves very easily within the folds of your grey matter – I’m not a neuroscientist, by the way.

This Block would ideally be edible as well. Large sugar content would also be ideal, as it would help get your energy levels up. It should also be scented pleasantly, something like a lemony, new car smelling Block seems to me to be perfect.

Don’t you dare think about donating money towards this really stupid concept. I’m probably not thinking quite right. I’ve just smashed my face into various things in order to be able to write this. I suffer for my “art”, and you should all be thank………..*collapses onto keyboard



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