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Possibly the last post I’ll make. Thanks a lot, Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott is now the Prime Minister of Australia. So, this could well be the last post I make on my blog, in fact, it could be the last thing I’ll ever do. This man is a creepy shell of a human being. An intolerable person who, not surprisingly for a right-wing person, doesn’t follow scientific evidence, he prefers the “faith” he has in his Catholicism.

 This country is now all set for a hell of a ride. A ride straight down to the bowels of HELL!

 I’ve now been looking on the internet for a place to live in remote Siberia, just to clear my head and to get away from Abbott’s Australia.

 I may be able to continue writing this blog, but only if I can get internet access in the frozen wastelands that my hunting lodge will situated in.


Bye bye.



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