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Possible film/television idea.


Galaxy Cup

This is an idea for a project I may eventually get around to doing something with. It could be a film or a television series or maybe even a graphic novel. Now, obviously I don’t have nearly enough money to even consider doing anything with this idea, but I’ll keep writing bits and pieces and adding to it until I win the lottery, or until this pathetic capitalist society crumbles to dust and money becomes a thing of the past.

Here is a very brief outline of the story. Within a few weeks I’ll have put up a few pages of dialogue and character descriptions.

A vast galactic adventure/dark comedy based around the exploits of an inter-planetary football championship. Think, the current football World Cup, but on a galactic scale. Instead of individual countries on Earth battling it out for the title of world’s best football team, individual PLANETS battle it out, unified as one planet, against other planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

Obviously this project will be set in the future. Quite a long way into the future, seeing as inter-planetary travel and galactic politics and commerce are taken for granted, and these particular themes will feature in the project to some extent.

 I suspect this project would take place in approximately the year 2134. Basically, the Earth was saved from climate change disaster and other disasters of war and famine by a group of “elite” multi-billionaires, mostly from Russia, America and China. These “elites” saw that football was the only real thing that could unite the entire Earth (a little bit cheesy, I know, this bit needs work), and eventually spread football throughout the galaxy. Within a very short period of time, football was taken up by the vast majority of civilized planets in the Milky Way. This naturally led to the organization of the MWFA (Milky Way Football Association). More details to be worked out in the very near future.  

This project will almost certainly be loaded with well-known and obscure science-fiction references and potentially/hopefully clever humour.

Important to note: this project will be dark in tone and composition. It will certainly have jokes and gags and funny situations galore, but it won’t be a light, bright and frilly project. The sets and situations will be grim and grimy looking (a bit like the Batman films, or the original trilogy Star Wars films), which I think will suit the sarcastic and cynical and dark humour very well. This being an idea set in outer space, there will obviously have to be alien-type characters. These characters will not be created by CGI; they will be real people wearing realistic alien costumes just like in the Predator or Pan’s Labyrinth.

That’s all I can think of outlining at the present moment. I’m going to go to Brazil and take massive doses of hallucinogenic plant matter in order to give me some more wacky ideas for this potentially Oscar winning idea!




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