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    (The below message is written in invisible ink)

By the way, please employ me, ASIO. I’d genuinely make a great intelligence officer.

Below is the secret message, invisible of course, I’m not an idiot, or am I?……….almost certainly yes.

Top secret nugget of information: ”     ,                    ,                                –                                 .                              ,                                       .                     ,                                !”                                                                                                                

(The commas, hyphens, full-stops and exclamation marks are clearly visible. Try to figure out the secret message, if you dare!)

My sources shall remain nameless…………ASSANGE!…..whoops. 


Well, since I’ve inadvertently given away my source, I should tell you how he’s doing. He loves the embassy in Ecuador, he especially loves the fresh coffee and goats milk. The internet connection, he says, is a bit on the slow side. But, since he did a lot of his hacking before the modern internet was available, he’s not really complaining. Also, he LOVES the Ecuadorian version of “The Office”. 


Okay, I’m probably in a lot of trouble now, so………………goodbye, I might not be alive by the time you read this!  


If you’re interested in knowing what the invisible message was, leave a comment and I’ll tell you.



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