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The Royal Baby will support…………….

The Royal baby, George Alexander Louis Windsor His Majesty Dark Lord Whatever, was born a few days ago and the whole world has reacted as if they’ve never seen or heard of such a thing as a baby before. It’s just a baby ladies and gentlemen, it’s nice that he’s healthy and all that, but thousands of babies are born every day! It’s not such a big deal.

Anyway, football fans all over the world have been debating over which team the Royal Baby will grow up to support. I say “football fans all over the world”, what I really mean is ME! Sad little me, I was so bored that I actually wrote a blog post about which football team Prince George will support when he’s old enough to whip his butler for bringing him cold soup!

If this baby grows up to support the team of his father, he’ll support Aston Villa(English Premier League). Not a bad choice really, Aston Villa have won many many trophies down the years, but haven’t won anything for a long time. I don’t know which team the baby’s mother(Kate Middleton) supports, but since she’s very posh, she probably supports Chelsea F.C.. A very nice choice for the baby to make, because Chelsea have been incredibly successful in recent years. Since this baby is the Prince of Cambridge, he could end up supporting Cambridge United. A truly terrible team at the moment, but who knows? Maybe the Prince could inject some serious amounts of money into the club, and then the English Premier League will have another Man City on their hands(not likely, by the way).

German fans, because the English Royal Family is largely German.

Now, we all know that very posh, upper class people typically do not like football, because football is a working man’s sport. They tend to like sports such as Polo, Rugby, Croquet, Butler Whipping and shooting defenseless animals in the face for no reason! But since they apparently represent “the people” of the Commonwealth, they have to pretend that they care about football. And they’ve pretended very successfully in my opinion. For example, Prince William and David Cameron support Aston Villa. If they REALLY didn’t give a shit about football, they’d just say that they support Manchester United because they’re the “best” team in England. But they don’t, they support Aston Villa, because of Aston Villa’s great history of success and pretty colours.

Anyway, the Royal Baby, in my opinion, will pretend to support one of the London clubs. It could be Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, QPR or even Charlton Athletic. Seeing as Tottenham are on the way up, I’ll put money on the Royal Baby growing up to support Tottenham Hotspur.

There it is!………………..I’m a fool, I know. Bye.



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