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Is Olive Oil the next drug epidemic?



When you watch a cooking program, you’ll notice quite quickly, that the chefs on whichever program you watch, are OBSESSED with olive oil!


They drizzle the stuff all over everything they cook, possibly over stuff they don’t cook, like cook books and flesh wounds.


There are only two explanations for this obsession with crushed little green ovular balls;


1. Chefs all over the world are in cahoots with the major olive oil companies and are being paid off big-time. If so, why is Gordon Ramsay so damn angry all the time?!


2. It just tastes really good. It tastes good on pretty much everything. (This explanation needs further research and critical analysis)


So, seeing as the Greek economy is going down the toilet, the Greeks need to find a way to make their olive oil super delicious, or find a use for olive pips. If the Greeks tampered with their olive oil so as to make it as addictive as nicotine, then maybe, just maybe, their economy will be saved, and they can rule the world again, just like they did thousands of years ago.


If the Greek olive oil was as addictive as nicotine or heroin, it would soon become commonplace to see olive junkies standing outside restaurants, waiting to pounce on the diners as they walk out, ready to lick off any trace amounts of olive oil from the diner’s shirts and pants.


I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen, but the Greek government has tried everything! What have they got to lose? So, keeps your eyes open for the newspaper headline “Greek economists say pip-pip-hooray”.


p.s. If there are any food enthusiasts or chefs out there, please tell me what the appeal of olive oil is.



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